Everyday thousands of Artists and Creators bustle about Hollywood with DREAMS OF MAKING IT BIG. But statistics point out that 80% struggle to find work in their craft.

Are you trying to move forward in your career but confused as to what to do next? The #ARTISTCEO BUSINESS BOOTCAMP will help you to build the strategic business and life plan that you need to succeed.

The fact is ART IS MORE THAN JUST A CRAFT, IT’S A BUSINESS. And if you are going to make it in this town, you got to approach your craft, like a business. This 5 week, 20 hour, 3 course intensive treats you like a corporate CEO and arms you with a BUSINESS STRATEGY and PRACTICAL STEPS to conquer both the side hustle and the boardroom.

You’ll learn an EASY-TO-FOLLOW system to achieve all your dreams, from an experienced business success coach, personal finance expert and highly successful entertainment professionals. Come with your dreams, leave with a plan. START BUILDING YOUR STRATEGIC PLAN and taking steps to walk out your dreams today.





How to Set & Reach your Entertainment & Life Goals

Perhaps you want to book 3 movies this year, get a record deal or start a production company but you are challenged with how to actually achieve that. We walk you through a process of creating focused, clear goals and a realistic STEP-BY-STEP action plan to get there.

Course Highlights:

  • Develop your Business and Life Mission Statement
  • Get clear on where you want to be and your motivations
  • Decide your core values, who you want to become and why
  • Make an assessmentof where you are right now in your craft, business and life vs. where you want to be
  • Determine what stage your business is in
  • Conduct a SWOT Analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) of your craft, your unique giftsand business
  • Analysis the marketplace, discover your unique proposition in the marketplace and your competitive advantage
  • Hone in on the areas of your craft, life and activities that are bringing you the greatest ROI (return on investment)
  • Workshop your business model (how does your craft, business make money, what is your business’s income streams)
  • Highlight what areas of your life are working right now
  • Pinpoint problem areas. Decide what areas of your business and life you need to focus on now
  • Create short and long term business and life goals that work, are realistic and doable
  • Learn the powerful strategy of backwards planning
  • Workshop and problem solve your specific goals,challenges, calendars, productivity and daily habits
  • Develop a personalized, doable step-by-step action plan to reach your goals
  • Create an effective system for managing time and daily to-dos so you are always moving forward
  • Learn how to set priorities and put first things first
  • Focus on what’s important. Balancing work and play
  • Get guidance from a professional business success coach who works with high-end corporate executives
  • Small class environment with other Artists and Creators
  • In class and take home course materials and exercises
  • Ongoing support, encouragement and accountability groups


Personal Finance for Artistsand Creators

Do you want the finances to support your dream year in and year out? Do you find yourself living check-to-check or are simply held back by your financial limitations? We equip you with simple yet powerful budgeting skills, financial wisdom and the tools to create wealth.

Course Highlights:

  • Get complete and total control over your finances andfree yourself from debt
  • Workshop and problem solve current spending habits so that you can live within your means and use your resources towards your dreams
  • Create and manage a monthly budget
  • Develop a long-term plan to successfully get out of debt
  • Workshop how tostrategically deal with creditors and renegotiate loans, credit card, cell phone cable plans, etc.
  • Gain a new respect and understanding of money and its purpose
  • Develop new, healthy spending habits that set you up for prosperity
  • Participate in group critical thinkingandpersonal finance exercises
  • Evaluateyour monthly income vs. your expenses
  • Calculate your total long term debt
  • Create a strategy to eliminate short and long term debt
  • Evaluate different plans of action and options to reduce and eliminate your debt
  • Cut the “fat” out of your budget (needs vs. wants)
  • Learn how to stay within your budget and reduceyour monthly bills
  • Plan out how much you need to live for 3, 6, 8 months
  • Set up a system to pay your bills on time
  • Learn how to save, build up your credit and increase your credit score
  • Get resources and tips to support your new financial stability and wealth building behavior
  • In class and take home course materials and exercises
  • Small class environment with other Artists and Creators
  • Course taught by an experienced personal finance expert
  • One on one personal consultation and evaluation of your personal finances and budget (by appointment)


How to Thrive in Hollywood, start an income generating side business, attain a successful side job& more

Life in Hollywood can be a real hustle sometimes.Are you strugglingto pay your rent and stay afloat while pursuing your dreams? We examine your current situation and workshop different employment, side job and lifehack strategies to get youTHRIVING in Hollywood. We also walk you through the process of starting a side business,turning your talents into monthly income.

Course Highlights:

  • Examine your current financial, job, housing, and personal situation in Hollywood
  • Create a PRACTICAL step-by-step plan that takes care of your monthly living needs while enabling you to pursue your dreams
  • Learn how to think and act like a CEO. Make smart personal choices based on your long term goal
  • Evaluate current resources within your reach and workshop different plans of action thatcan elevate your life
  • Group brainstorm Life Hack strategies to Survive and Thrive in Hollywood
  • Workshop, proven strategies for finding side jobs that pay the bills, but don’t drain your creative energies
  • Assess all of your unique talents and skill sets and brainstorm would be willing to pay you for them
  • Turn side talents and ideas into lucrative and realistic side businesses
  • Create an easy-to-follow basic plan to start your first business - walk through the first steps to becoming an entrepreneur and turning your talents into income.
  • Learn the importance of joy and personal peace as a successful #ARTISTCEO
  • Discover why continued balance in life, having a healthy living environment and a solid work and financial foundation is key
  • Small class environment with other Artists and Creators
  • Course taught by an experienced business success and life coach
  • Participate in group critical thinking and personal finance exercises
  • Ongoing support, encouragement and accountability groups


“The biggest thing that I got from AbundantLifeU course is getting FOCUSED, because I was scattered everywhere. I wasn’t going anywhere specific with my acting career, but now I’ve made connections with casting directors, producers and people all over the industry that can really help me move forward.”  – LeRoy Mobley, Actor

“Having the one-on-one coaching (with AbundantLifeU) was the best thing I could have ever done because it truly changed my thought process… by the very last session with Kelvin, I was offered two job opportunities on the same day! God has truly anointed AbundantLifeU…the coaching is like no other because Kelvin and Edwina care about each individual, and they seek to bring out the best in every person they counsel. This is not just a business to them, it’s ministry and it’s evident that they are operating in their purpose.”  – Maya Carpenter, Actress

Working with Kelvin is really fun… The system that AbundantLifeU has created has been really supportive especially as a creative person. Kelvin really took me through a process…going through my SMART goals, making an action plan and getting them all on my calendar... It all sounds very simple but having someone to bounce back and forth with to get organized has been such a gift. I think what AbundantLifeU offers is very special.” – Michelle Barton, Actor and Producer

“The first day that you work with Kelvin, it’s going to be immediate – the results that you see. If you really apply yourself and take the time to invest in you…”

“You know, you don’t want to just be busy, you want to be effective and I feel like AbundantLifeU has really given me the tools to do that.”  – Calvin Winbush, Actor and Musician

“Edwina and Kelvin are great God loving people. They really seem to care about  what they are doing.  They really want to help others accomplish their dreams  and I think that they are doing a great job.”  – Erick Chavarria, Actor

“One the greatest blessings I received from taking the class has been applying the practices to my life…One thing that immediately happened is that I received a job soon after the class….Now I have a steady source of income and I know how to manage my finances…I can honestly say that without the teachings, I probably would have just continued to squander my money or not know where it was going.”  – Ariana Smith, Artist

“My entire life is just jumbled up and I just don’t know where I’m going. Whether its dance or to go workout or whatever. I never really had a set strategy…it was really cool to see real people who have had the same experiences as me and who went through a step-by-step process. I hope that I can take this training and move it forward into my life as I go.”

– Chrisacos, Singer and Songwriter




10:15AM – 11:45AM
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After I enroll, then what happens?

You will soon receive an email for our team, giving you details about your course, how to prepare and what to bring. Btw, all course materials are included into your purchase price and will be provided to you on the first day of class.

I don’t consider myself an Artist or Creator, should I sign up?

Our courses are not just for Artists, they are for Entrepreneurs, Creative types and working professionals too. We’ve found that Millennials (persons in there 20s to mid 30s) tend to do the best with our programs. However, everyone needs Goal Setting, Personal Finance and Planning skills to succeed in life.

What if I want to take the course but don’t live in Los Angeles?

The #ARTISTCEO Business Bootcamp is currently only in Los Angeles. However, in coming months, all three courses will be online for you to purchase and view at your leisure. Stay tuned.

What happens if I register for a course and then can’t attend?

Our policy is no refunds will be given, only rain checks. However, you can use your rain check to enroll in a future offline or online course.

I can’t attend. Will there be more courses in the future?

Yes, that ‘s the plan. Please keep checking our website to see our offerings for the summer, fall and winter of 2015. Again, in coming months, all three courses will be online for you to purchase and view at your leisure.

The Business Bootcamp is 5 weeks, but what happens if I miss a class?

Try to arrange your schedules so that you can attend all 5 Saturdays. It only further helps you. However, if you do miss a class, no worries, all classes are recorded and you can view missed class online at your leisure. Additionally, in the event that you can’t attend a class, please notify your teacher(s) and arrangements will be made so that you get the assignments.

I have many friends who want to enroll, can we sign up together and be in the same class?

Sure can. In fact, we recommend it. That way you can hold each other accountable to get the assignments done. However, keep in mind that seats are limited. So, make sure you sign up soon. Once we hit capacity that’s it for that semester.

Lastly, if you know a lot of people who want to sign up, please check out our affiliate program on this website. It’s a great opportunity to make some extra money just for spreading the word about our school.

At the end of the course, will I get a grade?

No, it’s not like college. Our feeling is that “your grade is how you do in your life.” Our aim is to help you to learn these principles and get an “A” in your life.

Got more questions?

Just email us at See you in class.